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Shanna Moakler is an expert on many things:

In a recent blog, though, she focused on a competition of which she used to play a role: Dancing with the Stars. Here's what Shanna had to say ...

Awaiting the Results

Oh nooo.

I'm so sad. I kinda figured it was John's week to go. I was pretty sure Billy Ray had more voters with the country fans and the Hannah Montana fans ... ugh, so sad. I loved John's personality, but now it's time to get serious â€" and I knew that time was coming. Obviously John wasn't a great dancer and the show is called Dancing with the Stars so ... shedding a lil' tear for him.

Okay now ... all I have to say is 10, 10, 10! But while I've loved Laila and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (pictured) from the very beginning, I don't think they were a 30 last night. They definitely had a great dance, it just wasn't perfect. If I had to pick a winner last night, it would have gone to Joey for sure. Those dances are hard, especially when you're learning two in one week and barely get a week to rehearse â€" more like four days, and that's if you don't have any other things going.

Joey Fatone was unbelievable. He brings a different character to each dance and that's what it takes to look as great as he does each week. He looked liked he had been rehearsing that dance for weeks ... he was awesome.

As for the other guys, Apolo Anton Ohno was great, but I feel like the judges were rough on him â€" maybe because he has been doing so good? They certainly deserved better comments and better scores. It was nice to see Ian let loose; he looks like he's chilled out a little and is starting to understand that if you don't have fun with it ... it definitely shows.

As for Billy Ray, the only thing they did wrong was to not stick with the rules â€" and the judges are not fans of that. (Remember last year?) They would have gotten better scores if they did the dance differently. Billy isn't the best dancer, but he is fun to watch and that can take you far.

It's getting down to the wire and I'm so attached to everyone. Next week is going to be rough to see one of these guys have to go because I love them all in different ways.

Remember to vote, and see you next week!

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