Shanna Moakler Picks Dancing with the Stars Finalists

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Who better to report on Dancing with the Stars than one of its most famous alums?

That's right, Shanna Moakler is writing a blog on the show for People magazine. Here's the most recent edition:

Worthy of the Title

Okay, all I am saying is where was Ciara and Josh Groban when I was on the show??????

This week I wasn't really sure who was going to home. I didn't even have a bottom two. I thought everyone stepped up their game. Once the first person gets voted off you start to look at things a little differently. I have to say I felt bad for [Shandi Finnessey] â€" you could tell that she really tried this week. You saw her in rehearsals struggling and she just kept pushing through it. This is where the votes really matter â€" Shandi didnt have enough. Ugh, that's the worst.

I'm still sticking with my favorites ...

Ian & Cheryl: Watching Cheryl Burke teach newcomers how to dance always amazes me. Even though Ian made a mistake, he killed the jive. You cannot forget that he had five days to learn that dance and he was fabulous. He looked like he was trying his best and that's enough for me. Those guys are going to do great: Ian is really trying and treating this like a competition and that's how you become a finalist.

Laila & Maksim: At first watching their rehearsal footage, I was a little nervous for Laila Ali. It appeared like she wasn't going to have enough time to rehearse, but she didn't let me down. The tango is a hard dance, but Laila came out and danced like a pro. It didn't look like she'd only been doing that dance for five days.

Joey & Kym: Okay, I have to say I was really nervous when I heard the Star Wars music selection. I was having a hard time picturing how that was going to work BUT with Joey's personality he proved that he can pull anything off. The crowd loves him. Joey Fatone really picks music that fits his funny personality and he owns it.

Apolo & Julianne: Pulp Fiction â€" what a great idea! I loved it. Apolo doesn't seem to give himself enough credit. He does look like he struggles in practice. I am sure he's exhausted from all the traveling and double rehearsals, but he is great. Whatever Julianne is doing, it's definitely working.

These four are my picks for the finals.

And with that, Shanna left for a vaginal exam from Travis Barker.

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