Shanna Moakler, Paris Hilton Kiss Off at Magazine Party

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Shanna Moakler should bask in the glory of her triumph over Paris Hilton.

After all, the former Miss USA and Dancing with the Stars contestant has won: she's back together with Travis Barker, despite Paris' attempts to tongue wrestle him away.

Saluting the Troops

Still, the dueling diva couldn't help but try and one up each other at the Complex Magazine Fifth Anniversary party in L.A. on April 10.

The two spied each other at club Area and immediately began making out with their respective pieces of man candy in what onlookers described as a "makeout off." And poor Joe Francis was too busy being stuck in jail to videotape the spectacle.

The Meet The Barkers co-stars were the first to arrive, holding hands and announcing that they were "in love" and "still married," while speaking about it to every media outlet on the red carpet.

"They were super polite and so happy with each other," an eyewitness told Us Magazine. Once inside, the two cozied up in a booth and were all over each other all night, like lonely guys in search of nude Haley Scarnato pictures.

A short while later, Hilton showed up with new beau Desperate Housewives' Josh Henderson. After walking the carpet, she was escorted into the club where she eyed Shanna and Travis and immediately told publicists to seat them as far from them as possible.

Both couples kissed "as if they were trying to one up each other," says the eyewitness. "[Paris Hilton] was so all over Josh and they were slow-dancing and making out all night."

Just when it seemed like the night couldn't get any less classy, Kim Kardashian showed up. She entered the shindig alone and demanded to sit far from Paris.

Ray J's ex was then ushered across the room and spent the evening texting with Sons of Hollywood star, David Weintraub.

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