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For some reason, no one filed a lawsuit against a nude Sean Stewart for disturbing the peace.

But the son of rock legend Rod Stewart didn’t get off so easily for allegedly launching a brutal brick-throwing attack on a couple.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Tolabus and Ericka Stein allege they were driving in their Ford F150 on April 23, when the long-time friend of David Weintraub began “swinging his arms, punching, throwing bricks and other items” at them.

As TMZ first reported, the alleged incident occurred after Stewart and two buddies – neither of whom were his Sons of Hollywood co-stars, Weintraub or Randy Spelling – were denied entrance to a private party.

Stewart reportedly became enraged after partygoers taunted him, perhaps about his confession that he used to get off to step-mother, Rachel Hunter.

On April 23, Ms. Stein actually contacted The Hollywood Gossip about the incident. She wrote:

On April 22nd at approx 3:17am, Sean Stewart and 3 of his friends attacked my husband and I in our vehicle. We were taking a side street home and were driving passed a party on 1440 Miller Drive. This guy is psycho! He doesn’t know us, we did nothing to him or his friends. He was out of control. I was beggin him to stop and get off of my husband, but he was deaf to it. He was focused on one thing only – trying to hurt us. I don’t know who Sean Stewart is, nor have I seen the Sons of Hollywood show, but an eye witness confirmed it was him. When we returned hom, we Google’d him – -yep, it’s him. What a loser he is.

We wonder how Caleigh Peters feels about all this.