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The Sons of Hollywood – A&E’s look at the spoiled, rotten world of three young and rich losers that premieres this Sunday – is shaping up to be a male version of Laguna Beach.

Hard to say if that’s a good thing or not.

But they key players have us rolling our eyes and vomiting up our lunches already. First, Randy Spelling made the following proclamation: He was the first of thousands to sleep with Paris Hilton.

While this gives Randy something in common with Josh Henderson – and probably your newspaper delivery boy – we wouldn’t be surprised if he made it up just to get attention. Even if that’s the case, it’s disgusting.

But not as disgusting as pleasuring yourself to your step mother. Such was the admission of Sean Stewart, Spelling’s childhood friend and co-star.

Granted, the step mother in question was super model Rachel Hunter. But still. Listen to the guy:

“I used to stare at [her] when she was down by the pool sunbathing naked. I was like 15 or 16 and I was sitting in my pool with a bottle of lotion,” Sean, 25, told Howard Stern on Sirius Satellite Radio, adding that he never had the guts to hit on her because “I couldn’t handle the full rejection.”

And maybe, you know, because she was married to his father!

Of course, Sean is the brother of Kimberly Stewart. So being gross runs in the family. After all, don’t forget, she’s seen Cisco Adler nude.