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Everyone puts up their dukes down and then.

Mario Lopez likes to spar with Oscar De La Hoya.

Chris Albrecht likes to go a few rounds with his girlfriend.

In the wake of his arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend outside of the MGM Grand Casino over the weekend, the HBO Chairman and CEO has taken a leave of absence (voluntarily).

According to the CEO of Time Warner, Richard Parsons, Chris Albrecht has been granted the leave – at his own request – while the incident is sorted out by police.

In a memo to the HBO staff, posted on Gawker, Albrecht said he was “deeply sorry” for the Vegas incident. We should think so – even Jason Wahler hasn’t assaulted a woman yet.

He said it was “a wake-up call to me of a weakness I thought I had overcome long ago.”

Chris Albecht went on to write that he had been a sober member of AA for 13 years, but two years ago he thought he could handle drinking.

“Clearly, I was wrong.”

Albrecht said he will go back to AA and make things right. Just hope he doesn’t run into Britney Spears at a meeting and get pissed off at her horrible fashion sense.