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And we’re not talking about her old hit single, “Crazy.”

This three-minute clip isn’t new, but it’s worth a viewing nonetheless. Fans may recall this surfacing nine months ago, when Britney Spears was still married to Kevin Federline.

It seems like forever ago, but before J.R. Rotem, Jason Filyaw, Isaac Cohen and Howie Day, Britney was a happily married, possibly insane housewife.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

Here, FedEx films Britney, decked out in classic white trash trucker garb, babbling incoherently, probably high on something, snacking feverishly and waxing philosophical about the human condition, partying and other stuff.


It’s quite something, really. What a loon. Some of our conclusions after watching this simultaneously terrifying and hysterical video of Britney Spears:

  • She feels like she’s missing out on life (how foreboding, considering the months of crazy partying and crotch shot pics to come)
  • Like all of us, the girl seems to enjoy junk food and burping
  • Britney needs a whole team of psychiatrists
  • Kevin Federline is a frickin’ moron
  • Crystal meth is bad for you