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Rapper Master P is taking a stand and pledging to clean up the image and lyrics of hip-hop by forming a record label “with 100% clean lyrics.”

What a loser!

In the wake of Don Imus‘ racist debacle, everyone from Rev. Al Sharpton to Russell Simmons and Oprah have called the hip-hop industry to task over the image it promotes and its offensive lyrics.

Snoop Dogg, for his part, just ripped Imus.

In other words, check yo self, before you wreck yo self, bitchez. Master P and his son, Romeo, are breaking from the pack and starting Take A Stand Records.

The label will feature only upstanding (Will Smith?) artists who have pledged to be positive role models, with sale proceeds going toward scholarship funds for underprivileged kids.

Okay, we admit that’s pretty cool.

Although Master P admits he was once part of the problem and profited from explicit rap lyrics, he is now ready “to be part of the solution.”

While he doesn’t expect “the entire industry to change overnight,” Master P , a.k.a. Percy Miller, says, “There’s just too much negativity out there – enough with the stereotypes. Hip-hop is a movement, and it is time for it to move forward.”

Word on that. Just don’t expect Eminem or 50 Cent to jump on board.

Take A Stand’s first socially responsible release is due in the fall, and will be a collaboration between P and Romeo, expected to be entitled “Hip Hop History.” The Hollywood Gossip makes the following guarantees about the record:

  • It will outsell the debut CD of Kevin Federline
  • There will be no lyrics involving possibly bending girls over and smacking that all on the floor, ’til they get sore (Akon rolls over in grave)

We look forward to Master P’s effort. Along with the new Kelly Clarkson album. There’s another star who doesn’t have to be X-rated to be successful!