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It can make a one-legged young girl turn to a life of prostitution, serving clientele such as Arab arms dealers as part of a high-end escort service.

It can also encourage a woman, later in life, to marry a billionaire music icon, only to divorce him and leave with up to $63,000,000 of his vast fortune.

Yes, Heather Mills rode her way into Paul McCartney’s heart, then rode him at least once (they have a daughter), then rode off into the sunset with enough cash to buy a small country.

Paul may have moved on to Sabrina Guiness, but the damage has been wrought by Mills. The only question remaining: who’s next on Heather the Harlot’s agenda? 

Look at her staring at us, beckoning all the billionaires out there to see how that fake leg looks in the buff… and on the floor. Yes, a seductive, nude Heather Mills makes for an enticing package, and heck, it’s bound to snare some sucker.

Fortunately, some rich gentlemen (such as Donald Trump and Kanye West) know better: keep your eye out for those out to dig some gold, and at the very least, if you’re gonna go down that road, make them sign a prenup!