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Heather Mills didn’t think that denying her fondness for gold digging once was enough.

So she called up Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show today and cried about it some more. Literally.

Tears of gratitude flowed from the one-legged Dancing with the Stars contestant when a former detractor actually praised her on air, suggested that Mills is due a collective apology after all the past criticism she has faced in her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney.

Heather Mills heard the sentiment of a listener named Pat, who said:

“I’m ashamed that I had a judgment against her based on everything that you read in the newspapers, that she was after his money, and, come on — everyone was down on Heather Mills.

“But,” Pat continued, “she has won me over, and I can admit it, that I had formed a bad opinion about her. I am embarrassed, actually. I would love to apologize to her. And America should apologize. People should apologize to her. She was wrongfully treated.”

Was she really, Pat? Women everywhere are wrongfully treated by the behavior of desperate, pathetic females on ABC’s The Bachelor. Heather simply sucks.

But apparently Mills doesn’t see it that way. When Asked by Seacrest how the message from Pat made her feel, the British twit replied, “Ah, that makes me feel emotional. Hooo. That’s great.”

From there, the tears came like Jay Grdina during a typical day at work – especially when Seacrest commented that people had judged Mills “strictly on hearsay.”

“Yes,” she replied, “it’s just amazing … I had a choice … I could have gone down … excuse me, you got me going now … sorry … I could have gone done that path of lowering myself to everyone else’s level and proven my innocence.”

But, she said, “All I did was fall in love with somebody madly, and give up my life for seven years, you know. And then just to be vilified for it? I’m actually quite shocked. I’ve spent 14 years doing charity work. If I was a gold digger, I would be a very wealthy woman now. And I’m not.”

We’ll just see what Kanye West has to say about that!