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We all know how easy it is to get into the pants of Lindsay Lohan.

For one Internet hacker, reportedly, it’s also a breeze to get into her Gmail, BlackBerry and MySpace accounts.

According to reports, someone has invaded the privacy of Lohan and released various, hilarious emails between her and other troubled celebrities. For example, there’s the following email exchange with Shanna Moakler:

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It’s nice to see the two pals bonding over Travis Barker updates.


In other alleged email news, Lindsay and Stavros Niarchos haven’t been getting along too well. Of course, as shown below, when Lohan says “fu” to someone, she probably just wants to have sex with him.

Not surprisingly, though, Lohan’s harshest exchange is with occasional friend, Paris Hilton. The Firecrotch Queen appears royally ticked off that Paris’ pal and Hollywood gossip columnist, Perez Hilton, is always bashing her:

F-CK YOU c-nt! now that really does make me wonder…. i know u chill with perez, thats a given, … u guys use eachother like tampons. why didn’t he post not 1 article or anything regarding your “stolen storage” stunt? i hate that fat fuck, and i know u had something to do with that story. look up my name on his page and just read the crazy stories hes been making up, then we click on ur name, its always “paris at fashion week” or something Not negative. god knows what u 2 have against me, but i wont sit here and pretend like we are friends. this shits so old, i get headaches. go suck elliots dick.

We’re not sure who Elliot is. Or if any of these exchanges are even legit. But this Lindsay Lohan photo, supposedly courtesy of her MySpace page, looks like the drugged up skank we know and love: