Nicole Richie Makes Scene at MTV Australia VMAs

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Nicole Richie is famous for doing nothing except looking like an anorexic alien life form being a party girl, but she can add diva to her resume after last night's MTV Australia Video Music Awards.

Sources say that Nicole Richie was the only presenter who refused to take part in the dress rehearsal, not leaving her dressing room all day.

What a Cute Baby

Not even boyfriend Joel Madden could cajole her.

The hypoglycemic starlet is reportedly being paid big bucks in appearances fees, so organizers expected her to do the job properly.

Other bigger names, such as Pink and host Fergie, took part in the rehearsal without complaint.

We also hear that her management had diva demands regarding her dressing room, unlike the slight star, her room had to be large.

Richie's trip hasn't been a happy one, after she upset her fans when she arrived at Sydney Airport Saturday, refusing to sign autographs for many who had waited up to 48 hours for a glimpse of their idol.

Why anyone would stand in line to take Nicole Richie pictures or get an autograph is beyond us. But sounds like Paris Hilton's BFF needs a serious reality check. And to put on about 25 pounds. Come on, girl. Eat. It's the American way.

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