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We have Fergie’s back in any feud with Nelly Furtado.

But we can’t say the same for the look this singer has chosen below. Capped sleeves and doily embroidery? Really? Fergie must’ve been drunk again when she picked out this outfit.

Jennifer Lopez in Bandage Dress
Photo via Michael Wright/

Sure, The Hollywood Gossip staff- and probably Josh Duhamel – still love this recovering meth addict, despite such a fashion disaster, but we also have a few words of advice to offer:

Remember that skimpy dress you and Christina Aguilera each wore a few months ago? That’s far more your style. Accentuate the curves. Pack in those nice, big boobs. Just work it, girl.

Otherwise, the only person who’s gonna wanna hang out with you is Perez Hilton. And we wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone.