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Nicole Richie suffered a collapse on the set of The Simple Life last week, and her health issues are continuing to slow down production.

Moreover, they’re pissing off co-star Paris Hilton.

Nicole Richie Book Cover

According to New York Daily News, the health-averse, weight-challenged actress (and we use that term loosely) had to be “taken to her trailer immediately” after the on-set incident.

At times, Richie has “had trouble walking and speaking clearly,” though no ambulances have been called – unlike on March 5 when she fainted on set.

Hopefully someone took away the keys to her gas-guzzling SUV. Otherwise, this is like another DUI arrest and mug shot just itching to happen.

The show’s co-creator, Jon Murray, told the Daily News:

“There were a couple times when [Nicole] felt a little woozy and she sat down for a moment, [but] we continued within five to ten minutes.”

Richie has also been rumored to be popping pills of late, and Murray adds that the young socialite indeed suffered a “dehydration thing” earlier.

We all know what dehydration really means. It’s like exhaustion – a made up condition cited by celebrities to conceal one of two scenarios:

  1. They don’t eat (see Richie, Mischa Barton or Kate Bosworth).
  2. They have a liter of man soup in their stomach (see Lindsay Lohan).

Seriously, Nicole. We all want you to get better. Eat. Take the advice of the great Brody Jenner and stuff yourself until you become morbidly obese. You can do it. It’s the American way.