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Jason Wahler fought the law, and the law won.

After all, there are only so many different states in which a person can get arrested (note: it’s four) before one of the charges results in some kind of jail sentence.

J-Wahl and his circa 1995 frosted hair have until May 4 to turn himself in to authorities and begin a 60-day sentence stemming from a battery conviction. But the dirtbag and former star of Laguna Beach and The Hills is taking it in stride. See below…

Jason Wahler 2013 photo
Photo via Getty Images for Star Magazine

It’s good to see that Wahler can sit back, puff on a cigarette and enjoy life on the outside world for a few more weeks. Man, like, jail is gonna suck, but as David Hans Schmidt says, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Unfortunately, he’s been arrested again for assault since this sentence was handed down, so he might not be so chill for long. And he won’t be getting any conjugal visits from Lauren Conrad in the slammer, either.

Because, you know, they broke up. And because he’s got zero game, according to recent reports regarding the alleged LC sex tape. And, as Office Space has taught us, because minimum security prison is no picnic.