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There wasn’t very much gold on Dancing with the Stars.

As a result, we doubt Heather Mills cared very much when she was voted off the reality show last night. After all, what was she supposed to dig?

Iman and Daniella

Of course, the one-legged wonder couldn’t leave the spotlight quietly. After host Tom Bergeron and his sidekick Samantha Harris announced the results, the attention-seeing ex-wife of Paul McCartney actually pulled out a prepared exit speech.

In it, she thanked the academy (funny one, Heather!!!) and then set a new bar for condescending remarks by telling viewers that “once the dancers go out they’re not paid.” And promised her partner, Jonathon Roberts, that she would “try to get him some great work.”

Just to remind the money-grubbing former call girl: a) these dancers rake in cash just to appear on Dancing with the Stars; we’d estimate at least 1ooK/each; b) Roberts is a well-respected, highly-trained professional dancer. The guy can make money on his own, thanks very much.

Look, Dancing Heather Mills, why don’t you let Nude Heather Mills get back to what she does best: Bending over for money.