Shirt Makes Johnny Knoxville Look Like a Real Jackass

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Johnny Knoxville.

This is a man who's wandered around Japan in a Panda suit, taunted wild animals, offended the public more than Borat and sparked widespread controversy for kids copying his nutty stunts.

Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson

Yet somehow the Josh Duhamel look-alike is making headlines for wearing a T-shirt mocking his agent.

Johnny Knoxville, 36, wore a crass, but amusing t-shirt on April 23 while at a birthday lunch with his agent at the hot L.A. eatery, Mr. Chow. The agent is pictured here, and on the shirt (which speaks for itself, really).

Of course, the always tactful jackass and Bam Margera cohort has been bombarded with questions as to what sartorial statement he meant to make by wearing this shirt. Is he worried people will think he's homophobic?

His response to Us Weekly's inquiry:

"Me? Homophobic? Because I use the word 'homo' on a shirt?! Puh-lease! ... In the group I run with, 'homo' is a term of endearment."

"It's a compliment. I mean you've seen Jackass, right? The hot pants, the oiled young men, the rainbows? Me calling somebody homo is like Weeman calling someone short."

O... K. Not entirely sure what he's talking about, but it's clear Johnny meant no harm... and his agent doesn't exactly appear to have taken offense.

In other words, let's let jackasses be jackasses (so to speak) and not make a Kelly Ripa-Clay Aiken style situation out of nothing here. Although we're sure Rosie O'Donnell will try.