Makeup-less Cameron Diaz Freaks, Flees Cameras

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Cameron Diaz may want to enter the world of online shopping.

While enjoying what started as a peaceful day of shopping in New York City, Diaz stopped by Lounge, SoHo's huge ass shopping emporium, to amp up her summer wardrobe.

Cam Diaz

Fresh off a breakup with Justin Timberlake and a possible fling with Kelly Slater, the 34-year-old actress was happily browsing the racks for dresses, shoes, and jewelry when she was startled by a mass of paparazzi.

The photographers had entered Lounge's back entrance on Mercer Street and instantly swarmed her, flashing their bulbs like madmen.

"Cameron totally freaked out, screamed, and dropped the items she was going to purchase," a witness tells Us Weekly.

The star of There's Something About Mary, wearing little to no makeup, decided to hightail it through Lounge's Casablanca Tea Room and Bar and slipped out the back door.

Let's just say that as she bolted, the actress looked a little less hot than she does in these sexy Cameron Diaz photos.

Adds the witness:

"She couldn't even get 5 minutes of shopping in before she was running, full speed to get away as fast as she could."

She's got some wheels. This girl runs away from paparazzi faster than Nicole Richie bolts at the nearest sight of food. Tragic, that.


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