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It appears you can… assuming Kanye West deems you worthy of even being in the same room as Kanye West. In yet another shameless cry for attention, the petulant brat egomaniacal rapper showed up at a party thrown by Fendi, a trendy fashion designer, in Tokyo this week. With his head as a billboard.

One can only wonder what person lucky enough to call herself the Kanye West fiancee is thinking right now. Or whether West would consider renting out his dome to anyone. T.H. Gossip isn’t sure how it feels about this. On the one hand, it looks cool. Someone like Paul McCartney couldn’t pull it off. It seems like we should be in awe of Kanye.

Ye and Kim Kardashian
Photo via Getty Images

But conversely, isn’t he supposed to be at least semi-hard? You’d never catch Suge Knight doing that kind of thing… and we are terrified of Suge Knight.