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Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere doesn’t want to be mixed up for fellow tabloid magnet and party animal Lindsay Lohan! Got that? Don’t be callin’ her Lindsay. She’s made this wish abundantly clear with her past comments on the subject.

But yet, as the formidable celebrity gossip queen Perez Hilton wryly notes, she’s already hitting the Hollywood party scene with reckless abandon, and she’s even yoinked Firecrotch’s signature peace sign pose! Peep it: 

Hayden in 2019

Here, we see the lovely Hayden Panettiere channeling her inner Lohan on the set of Fireflies In The Garden, which co-stars Julia Roberts and Ryan Reynolds.

On a side note, that guy next to her looks mad sketchy. He’s glaring at Hayden like she’s a piece of meat. We mean that literally. That guy looks like he can eat! It’s like he’s Star Jones and Hayden Panettiere a porterhouse steak.

Which is gross, but better than him getting any ideas about getting in this Hero‘s pants. Because she’s, like, underage. For another 132 days. Not that we know.