Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn Photos Surface

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Awwww ....

It may have taken an unusual amount of time - and the tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith - but father and daughter have finally been united.

Larry and Dannielynn

Tabloid magazine OK! has published the first-ever pictures of Larry Birkhead caressing the adorable Dannielynn, an event months and months in the making.

In an interview, Birkhead states that contrary to what people may think, Anna's lover and evil lawyer, Howard K. Stern, has been "a great help" with the baby, adding: "Howard did things for Anna that no one wanted to. I actually feel sorry for Howard."

Sure, that's easy to say now that Dannielynn is all yours. At The Hollywood Gossip, we find it difficult to conjure up sympathy for someone that did so little to help Anna Nicole during her worst times.

But on a day when Suri Cruise turns one year old, only this cute kid could knock her off the headlines. We wish Larry and baby D all the best.

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Larry Birkhead Quotes

She has a boyfriend. Count from Seasame Street.

Larry Birkhead [on his daughter]

I think about life in a different way. I had kidney stones and was in the hospital for a week in July. I was freaking out thinking, If something happens to me, Dannielynn is by herself. I'm all this little one has left.

Larry Birkhead