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Sorry, Kelis and Nas.

We’re sure you’ve had a lovely marriage.

But it’s about to end.

Kelis and Nas
Photo via Getty Images

That is, unless this hip hop couple can somehow avoid the fate that has befallen all other pairings that have agreed to star in a reality series for MTV.

The upcoming show will be entitled, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. After all, Nas’ real name is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones. Everyone knows that.

But will these two love birds become the next Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey? Remember, those two were actually married once.

“While other shows have focused more on the domestic side of these couples, we are taking a much stronger point of view and catching up to them when their tour is beginning,” said MTV President Brian Graden.

Oh, the marriage is totally safe in that case. Unless Kelis starts using her milkshake to bring boys to the yard like she’s Antonella Barba or something.

In related news, Kelis was arrested last week. She pulled a Michael Richards and was taken into custoy for allegedly hurling racial slurs at two undercover police officers.