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Andy Dick is a f*%king moron.

Yes, we do mean that as a general rule. But particularly as it applies to his antics last Saturday night, in which the alleged comedian went off on a photographer representing TMZ, calling him a…

“C**ksucking n!g%*r.”

Andy Dick Gropes Ivanka Trump on Jimmy Kimmel

In yet another humiliating Michael Richards style attempt at comedy, Andy Dick screamed various obscenities at the cameraman, and dropped the first half of the n-bomb outside of Area nightclub.

THG NOTE: Fans of The Hills may recall that Heidi Montag works at said club!

Quickly realizing his mistake, Dick said, “Whoops, as soon as I drop the n-bomb, it’s on the Internet … they shouldn’t call it YouTube, they should call it N-bomb tube.”

Riiight. Sure thing, babe. There’s a lot of funny $h!t on YouTube, but the percentage related to N-bomb dropping is pretty low. You don’t hear Isaiah Washington calling it F-bomb tube.

As you may recall, the former Newsradio star issued an emergency apology after he went off on a racist rant during a live comedy show in December. It wasn’t his show. He was merely heckling comic Ian Bagg.

A few months later, he sort of molested Ivanka Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sorry, but we have to say it, even though you know it’s coming and it’s not even funny: What a Dick!