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For The Gossip, that pun never gets old.

For Andy Dick, neither does making an ass of himself.

That’s right, the comedian is up to his old tricks – harassing people that don’t want his affection or attention.

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The train wreck had to be forcibly removed last Friday night from the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live after he kept touching Ivanka Trump‘s hair and legs without permission.

At one point, Dick asked the hot daughter of Donald Trump to “give him a big, fat, sloppy wet kiss” right on the lips and grabbed her arm. Kimmel called in the bouncers and had him carried out by his feet and arms.

You can check out the video of this at TMZ.

You may recall that late last year, Dick was heckling comedian Ian Bagg during one of his stand-up routines and ended up on stage, screaming a racial epithet in an ill-advised Michael Richards impression.

Yeah. This guy’s killing his image faster than Grey’s Anatomy hothead Isaiah Washington. The Dick needs to get on the horn with whatever PR gurus Kevin Federline is working with to rehabilitate his reputation. After all, if there’s a second chance to be had for FedEx, anything is possible.