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Fans of Grey’s Anatomy have enough to worry about as they hope for Meredith and Derek to finally get together.

But recent, on-set news of a fight between Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey has revealed actual tension and controversy on the show.

As a result of the alledged melee, TMZ has discovered a history of violence on the part of Washington. It’s the stuff that would make an irate Justin Timberlake appear calm and collected.

In 2000, Washington lost his temper on the set of the Showtime series Soul Food with the actress who played his wife. The on-screen couple were shooting a scene in which Isaiah was supposed to give the woman a superficial kiss; but Washington grabbed the woman and planted a “forceful, aggressive kiss.”

The actress became irate, Washington became infuriated and Pete Doherty felt better that he isn’t the only person who doesn’t kiss properly.

But, seriously. Washington’s short fuse also reportedly cost him a job in 1997 on the set of the TV show High Incident. The actor was scheduled to be a guest star on the show, but the gig ended abruptly after he had a physical altercation with a crew member.

According to TMZ, the incident was serious enough that police were called in. Not the fasion police – they were too focused on Mischa Barton. The actual police, with badges and guns and everything.