Star Jones to Guest Star on Law & Order

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The second part of Law & Order SVU stands for "Special Victims Unit."

For one night in May, however, it'll stand for "Star Vehicle Outrage." Why such a confusing, punny acronym? Because none other than Star Jones will be guest-starring on the drama.

Far From a Star

The former co-host of The View - who was replaced by Rosie O'Donnell and then scarcely heard from again ... thank goodness - will appear on the show as a lawyer. Also making a cameo on that episode will be rapper Ludacris. Make any connection you see fit there.

Does Jones have any acting experience, you may wonder? About as much as Heidi Montag. But that hasn't stopped the latter from making a name for herself on the small screen.

In the end, The Hollywood Gossip staff wouldn't have cast Jones as a lawyer. In this particular show, we'd have hoped she'd emulate the recent actions of Nicole Richie and end up as the victim with which the unit must deal.


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Star Jones is a self-promoting, talentless waste of space who lied about gastric surgery. She used to co-host The View. She left that... More »
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