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You’re not being punk’d. Well, probably not.

T.H. Gossip recalls that MTV did announce it was canning the show once before, only to run it back with several more seasons.

But this time, it looks like the affable Ashton Kutcher is pulling the plug on his popular gag show for good after eight stellar seasons.

Ashton Kutcher Testifies
(AFP/Getty Images)

The final season of MTV’s Punk’d, which premieres April 10, will showcase Hilary Swank, Magic Johnson, Nelly Furtado and Jewel getting served.

For those who can’t wait that long for their celebrities-getting-hosed fix, Rumer Willis‘ stepdad will host a “sneak peek marathon” on April 7 in which all eight episodes will air in succession.

Finally, on June 5, Kutcher will host the special “Punk’d Awards,” to commemorate his life’s work. Which is actually a pretty funny show.

Some of the many Punk’d career highlights:

  • Tricking Halle Berry into thinking she couldn’t get into a movie premiere… of her own film.
  • Making Lindsay Lohan believe she made a limo driver miss his child’s birth.
  • Convincing Justin Timberlake that he failed to pay the IRS, and as a result, the government was confiscating all of his belongings.
  • Staging a carjacking and police standoff during Hilary Duff‘s driver education class (in our opinion, his finest hour).
  • Watching Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo freak the f— out as waitresses hit on her boyfriend, Chris Ivery.