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Antonella Barba nude photos have begun a trend.

As most readers know by now, that American Idol contestant lasted longer in the competition that she probably should have if it were based on singing talent alone. Not that Barba couldn’t use her mouth well.

Anyway. Since Antonella has been voted off the FOX show, Haley Scarnato has attempted to fill the “average singer that remains on the stage due to hotness” void.

And she’s done an admirable job of it.

Now, though, it looks like Alaina Alexander is hoping to cash in on her looks and vocal abilities.

The former American Idol contestant was voted out on March 1 – but she’s recently updated her MySpace account to include some Barba-like photos.

And can you really blame Alaina? Even Jenna Fischer is going naked these days. It’s just the thing to do if you wanna garner attention and have a pair of working boobs.

No one had to tell Kim Kardashian that.