Sorry, Fella: Nude Antonella Barba Only Has Time for Friends, American Idol

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Say this about Antonella Barba nude: she's focused.

While at the beach with friends, the American Idol contestant only has time for her friends in this picture. Perhaps she's trying out a new song to use in the upcoming competition.

Whatever the reason, our favorite Idol hopeful doesn't appear to notice the man drowning in the background. He was probaby destracted by the bare Barba boobs in front of him as he practiced his crawl stroke.

Either way, where's Pamela Anderson when you need her? Unlike Antonella, she's one busty female that's trained as a life guard.

We hope this dude eventually swam to safety. Once there, maybe he came across an Antonella Barba blowjob picture and realized the chance he had just missed out on if only he had bought this beauty a drink. Maybe next time.

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