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Kim Kardashian nude? Wake us when she’s actually dressed.

Heather Mills nude? Please don’t frighten us like that.

Tricia Helfer nude? Now we’re paying attention.

The point is that numerous celebrities take off their clothes. Some do it for money. Some do it for attention. Some do it because they’re alcoholic skanks named Lindsay Lohan. But there’s one star we never would’ve guessed would get naked:

Jenna Fischer.

As Pam, the conservative, reserved receptionist on The Office, Fisher is cute in the girl-next-door-you-wish-to-hold-hands-with sort of way. Not the Antonella Barba nude-and-on-her-knees sort of way.

Granted, the actress isn’t exactly showing any skin here. So Jim doesn’t need to worry that his long-time love is changing her ways. Still, the cover shot comes as a surprise. Who’s next to get nude, Kendra Jade?!?