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A Chicago development group is suing hotel heiress Nicky Hilton for breach of contract over a delayed hotel project just south of the city’s downtown.

In a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court, Robert Falor Investments and Grand USA Hotel Supply & Restaurant allege that Paris Hilton‘s younger, hotter and less whorish sister hasn’t kept up her end of the agreement.

In April 2006, Nicky allegedly promised to promote the redevelopment project known as Nicky O’s Chicago, a Nicky Hilton Hotel. No word on whether the rooms would be adorned with this sexy, yet disturbing Nicky Hilton picture.

Nicky Hilton at 2018 VMAs
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

Hilton also contracted out interior design work she was supposed to perform and tried to charge it back to the developer, the suit alleges. The group also claims Hilton misrepresented that she had experience in hotel design.

Paul Fisher, Hilton’s agent, also is named in the lawsuit. Elliot Mintz, a media consultant for Hilton, said neither Hilton nor Fisher had not seen the lawsuit as of late Monday night.

“Things are not always as they appear. When the facts surrounding this matter are known to the public I think you will find out that the person who has been most impacted by this [frivolous lawsuit] will be Nicky Hilton.”

Or those hot nude models she hired… what will happen to them!?

The Nicky O was set to replace the Blake Hotel in Chicago’s trendy Printer’s Row neighborhood.

The project, along with a similar one in Miami’s swanky South Beach, were to serve as Hilton’s foray into the family business, though the Nicky O hotel wouldn’t be affiliated with Hilton Hotels.

Nor would they employ the tagline “Show us your o-face.” Sorry.

Both proposed hotels have been plagued by delays, and neither has opened yet. Perhaps Nicky is spending too much time with David Katzenberg.