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Nicky Hilton is promoting her new Nicky O Hotel in Miami Beach, and has apparently enlisted a bunch of models. Nude models. Male and female nude models. See below.

The official marketing materials will undoubtedly feature hands and maybe some props conveniently covering all the right places, but these candids shots show the models in all their glory.

Nicky Hilton at 2018 VMAs
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

Or lack thereof. T.H. Gossip had to do the honors of covering up this guy ogling Nicky (he wouldn’t be the only one, although our previous gawker wasn’t also nude and handling his package).

Paris’ younger sister recently dumped her boyfriend, Kevin Connolly. There were rumors that Connolly was cheating on her, and that at the photo shoot Nicky was overheard screaming at someone on the phone and yelling “I hate you!!!!!!”

Sadly, she probably wasn’t talking to Paris. Those sisters get along.

In a poorly-worded press release, Nicky Hilton’s South Beach getaway promises to mix a social celebrity experience with Nicky’s vision of luxury, including the scent of gardenias throughout and mini cupcakes on guest’s pillows.

We’re not sure if that’s gonna happen at the Nicky O, but the dude in this picture certainly looks like he’s ready to show Nicky an O-Face, if you know what we’re saying. Oh! Oh! You know how we do.

Sorry. Below are some more pics we found of this glorious event. Note that the douchebag on the left is wearing a shirt that says “Nicky Hilton’s Birthday.” Dude, there is no way you are gonna tap that ass, even if she’s on the rebound. Get a clue. On the right, Nicky struts her stuff by the hotel entrance.