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Nicky Hilton claims someone is trying to steal her name and cash in on her newest business venture. Believe it or not, that venture involves hotels. And, according to some ridiculous photos we found, nude models.

But Nicky claims in a lawsuit that she’s been developing a “boutique hotel chain” called Nicky O — and that some moron she’s worked with is trying to go behind her back and trademark the name.

The “O,” by the way, comes from Nicky’s middle initial — not the moans emanating from sister Paris Hilton‘s room every night. Just thought we would clear that up for you.

Nicky Hilton at 2018 VMAs
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

According to the suit, Nicky hooked up with a guy named Eneliko Smith, the Defendant, who billed himself as an experienced operator and marketer of boutique hotels. Apparently Hilton was horrified to learn that Smith has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for exclusive rights to use the name Nicky O.

Hilton says the first Nicky O hotel is slated to open early next year, in South Beach. In the lawsuit, Hilton’s lawyer says his client’s name “could attract a valuable demographic of young, affluent guests.”

Or, based on the logo above, confuse people into thinking the hotel is owned by Nick Lachey. It’s Nick, Yo!

David Katzenberg, Nicky’s new boyfriend, could not be reached by The Gossip for comment. But no doubt he would love to beat the snot out of this jackass.

Nicky Hilton is asking for damages and wants a judge to issue an injunction prohibiting Smith from using the name.

Smith says he created the concept for Hilton and that she took the idea to another company, so he feels he was within his rights to submit an application to register the name.

We have no idea who Eneliko Smith guy is, but he may be the loser spotted with Nicky in one of our past reports. Follow the link and see — even if that’s not him, that guy is such a tool!