Autumn Reeser Pictures: Hotter Than Orange County

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With The OC set to finally go off the air, non-fans of the dismal FOX series may finally get a chance to watch the one bright spot on that show shine elsewhere.

Autumn Reeser.

The spunky actress injected new life into the drama during its final season - and The Hollywood Gossip staff can only hope she's picked up soon by another show or movie.

Why? Just take a look at the pictures below.

They make Rachel Bilson photos seem less hot by comparison.

As for the cast member Reeser replaced as a mainstay, we guess an apology is in order for Mischa Barton. Here goes:

We know you've been through enough recently - with pictures of your ex-boyfriend, Cisco Adler nude, circulating - so we're sorry for adding to this pain by emphasizing the point that Autumn is much better looking than you are.

The truth often hurts.