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Our counterparts at TMZ have obtained exclusive photos of the voluptuous Kim Kardashian in her hot new ad campaign as spokesmodel for Christopher Brian apparel, a new line from hip-hop fashion mogul Christopher B. Stokes.

The photos feature a topless, nearly nude Kim Kardashian wearing the jeans and not a whole lot else. Or anything else, for that matter


Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
Photo via Getty Images

Last month, we talked about the rumored (then confirmed) existence of the Kim Kardashian sex tape featuring her and ex-boyfriend Ray J, the brother of embattled singer Brandy. The sex tape is rumored to be on the market to top porn companies.

No word on whether David Hans Schmidt is brokering the deal.

Regardless, Kardashian told TMZ that she has met with her attorney and is gearing up to fight the release of the tape. Special K, who may or may not be a BFF of Paris Hilton, depending on what day you read this, apparently doesn’t want to follow in the whorish heiress’ footsteps.