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There may be less validity behind this than the Britney Spears sex tape rumors, but follow along with us …

Over at The BV Buzz, Jawn Murray hints that Kim Kardashian might be in a soon to be released sex tape with Brandy’s little brother, Ray-J:

Sources say a certain R&B singer … is peddling an X-rated home video to adult entertainment companies in hopes that it will do for his career what it has done for Paris Hilton‘s … said singer believes that releasing the video will serve as revenge to his ex-girlfriend who recently dumped him for another entertainer.

Kardashian recently dumped Ray-J for Nick Cannon, so it fits so far.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
Photo via Getty Images

She’s also been railed by dated rapper, The Game, Diddy and divorced producer Damon Thomas in 2004.

To repeat: This story may be as factual as that of a Jessica Simpson sex tape. But it’s our job – nay, our duty! – to keep readers informed of the mere possibility.