Ashley Harder: Another Beauty Queen Loses Crown

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This is beginning to be as commonplace as a Pete Doherty arrest:

Another beauty queen has lost her crown. No, this one didn't snort cocaine and kiss younger women, like Tara Conner.

She also didn't strip down and get dirty every time someone pulled out a camera, like Katie Rees.

Instead, Ashley Harder made the post-pageant blunder of getting knocked up. Due to her preggers status, the 20-year old is now the former Miss New Jersey, per contest rules.

Harder has voluntarily stepped down, avoiding any awkward, mocked press conferences. She was crowned in October and is expecting her first child in late summer.

As for Donald Trump, a rep tells TMZ that he wishes the now former Miss New Jersey well.

But just to review - for those wishing NOT to lose their beauty queen crowns - here's what you should avoid:

  • Cocaine
  • Simulated oral sex photos
  • Unprotected, pre-marital sex

Good luck!

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The former Miss New Jersey lost her crown due to pregnancy. We guess that's a fair fate for Ashley Harder. It is MISS New Jersey, after... More »
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