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Desperate to escape prosecution for her latest DUI arrest, and hungry for some dank fish tacos, Nicole Richie made a run for the border this weekend.

Okay, just kidding. She wasn’t on the run from the 5.0 and there’s no way in hell she goes anywhere for the cuisine. But Nicole did head to Mexico for a little vacationing with new boyfriend Joel Madden.

Although Halloween is nine months away, the duo arrived in Puerto Vallarta dressed in costume. Nicole dressed as a gypsy, fortune-telling vagrant and the 27-year-old Joel sported his standard, upper-middle-class poser / high school rebel wannabe gear.

Nicole Richie Book Cover

Come on, Joel. We know Hilary Duff doesn’t put out, and you’ve probably been going at it like a madman since dumping her, but it can’t be worth downgrading this far.

Later, Radden took in the tropical views at a beachside bar. No word as to whether Vicodin and chronic were on the menu, but we’re positive there wasn’t any food consumed by her.