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We don’t know Milos Pogacar, but we’re gonna offer the ski instructor this piece of advice: Run for it.

If there’s any truth at all to the rumor that you’re getting back together with your ex, Heather Mills, we suggest you turn and leave as quickly as you can. We doubt she’ll catch up to you. The woman only has one leg.

All this talk got started because Milos was invited to Mills’ birthday dinner last week.

Once there, the former couple was spotted kissing and hugging, sparking the possibility that the short romance these two enjoyed 15 years ago may begin again.

Interestlingly enough, Ben Amigoni – another rumored flame of Heather – was at the party, too.

Referring to Pogacar, though, a friend told the Sunday Mirror: “Heather’s always had a special place in her heart for Milos. We’re thrilled for her. There’s every possibility this could be the start of something new.”

This same source said “Heather needs someone who also likes fitness and healthy eating.” Being rich and a former Beatle doesn’t hurt, either.

Milos and Mills chatted over the meal and then went dancing with the rest of the group at nearby Amour nightclub. Once there, Pogacar had to fight with a drunk Matthew McConaughey over who would take Heather home.

Just kidding.