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V for Victory? V for Vendetta? Or V for Very Drunk?

What is Lindsay Lohan signing in this pic? We’re not sure. Regardless, the celebrity sleuths at TMZ obtained this stark image of Lohan – taken the very day she checked into rehab.

The picture was taken on Wednesday morning at Envie Beverly Hills, a swanky new boutique. Lohan was being fitted in Retribution clothing, which she’s wearing below:

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Sources say Lindsay, who’s been linked recently to Joe Francis, and who has been battling liver problems, actually went to the rehab facility the night before, but it’s unclear if she checked in at that time.

What is clear is that the party-hopping hopped-up harlot known simply as Firecrotch was on a shopping spree the next day, before going back to the detox facility.

What’s also clear is that her mom, Dina Lohan, is a loon, and in this pic, Lindsay looks like she’s hopped up on a cocktail full of sedatives and barbituates.

Lindsay Lohan was trying on the clothing for a scheduled event that evening. She was supposed to co-host a party celebrating the Retribution launch at Kitson Men, but we’re told she never made it to the party. Stunning.