Skip to Content recently captured the lovely, worthless Ashlee Simpson in a compromising position. We feel it is our duty to pass this picture along to you. It’s nice to see that despite her complete lack of talent, Ashlee is still finding ways to stay in the news. Perhaps those great Katie Rees pictures that surfaced late last month inspired her here…

Man, Pete Wentz is probably so jealous of us right now for having this pic. And if her crazy dad was pissed at Jessica Simpson for partying with John Mayer on New Year’s, what’s he going to say about Ashlee’s exhibitionism here? You can bet he’s gonna be ripsh!t over this nipple slip!

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Actually, Joe Simpson so insane, you have no idea how he’d react to something like this. Since he paid good money for those breasts (in one of many plastic surgery procedures she’s had), he might be glad they are being put to good use. Hell, he might even try to sell this particular image and “rack” up some cash!