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Yep, she still is one!

But, seriously, folks. The Hollywood Gossip staff has been very concerned about Lindsay Lohan ever since she cut down on drinking. Would the partying promiscuous princess ever be the same?

Reports about the arch rival of Lindsay Ratowsky are unclear at the moment, but it looks to us like all the water Lohan is imbibing in lieu of alcohol is making at least one body part of hers awfully bloated.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Just look at that left breast.

It might spring a leak later in the evening if one of the six random dudes Lindsay takes home squeezes too hard. Tara Reid can at least offer some advice if that tragedy takes place.

After all, Dina Lohan will be passed out on the floor by then. And Ali Lohan will be fighting off the advances of older actors.

That’s just how the Lohan clan rolls.