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Not everyone is blessed with boobs like Jessica Simpson.

Some, sadly, lack any chest at all. Not that we don’t find Kate Hudson very attractive anyway. But we sort of digress.

The point here is that others go out of their way to increase bust size – and Tara Reid is an example of what can go wrong when you mess with nature’s snack trays.

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Due to pain and scarring from the procedue, the awful actress has turned to high-tech oxygen treatments for healing. Yes, folks, The American Pie star has been stepping into a hyperbaric chamber.

She often visits Los Angeles’ Maria De Sio Skincare centre to get rid of scars around her navel and breasts.

“I had to put powder on them (scars) so you couldn’t see how bad they were,” said Reid, obviously referring to the numerous men that get an up close look every week.

During the $85 oxygen treatments,gas is pumped into the chamber to help skin blemishes and scarring heal. We just hope Avirl Lavigne is reading this.

Nose jobs don’t always heal so well, either.