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The mystery of “LR” turned out to be a lot less confusing than the mystery of what Paul McCartney ever saw in Heather Mills in the first place.

Yesterday, we reported on the bizarre email Lindsay Lohan sent out, as she asked for the help of Al Gore and the Clintons. Naturally.

She also singled out a certain “LR” for tattling on her to the tabloids. It’s now been revealed that the evil-doer in question was former assistant, Lindsay Ratowsky.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Ratowsky had the good sense nerve to ditch Lohan a few weeks ago and go to work for Jessica Biel. When she showed up to an event last week with Biel, Lohan went crazy. Or at least crazier than usual.

Meanwhile, in an unexpected turn of events, the camps of Gore, Bill and Hilary all deny ever offering Lindsay any help. Perhaps Ms. Firecrotch should turn to Scientology instead.

Calling TomKat!