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The venerable DJ AM, whose used to go by his innocuous birth name of Adam Goldstein – doesn’t miss his ex-fiancee, the anorexic, DUI fiend Nicole Richie.

But he does miss her fame.

Goldstein has been quietly asking friends around Los Angeles to “set him up with someone who has a name,” said a friend.

“Basically, he knows he can charge a lot more when he is attached to a famous girlfriend. His rates have had to go way down since he split up with Nicole.” 

We feel bad for DJ AM, but it could be worse. At least he doesn’t have to do the typical boyfriend things, like pick her up off the floor when she collapses at Hyde, pretend to feel sorry for her when those menstrual cramps are just unbearable, or bail her out of jail after she gets arrested for driving the wrong way on the freeway and a fabulously sexy Nicole Richie mug shot is taken.

As far as the dating front goes, AM was reportedly linked to Michelle Trachtenberg last month, but apparently that didn’t last… maybe she wasn’t famous enough.

Hey, Adam, we hear Britney Spears is available… and you never know what Tara Conner is willing to do to stir up some publicity!