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The troubled and refugee-like Nicole Richie has stepped down as host of a Las Vegas New Year’s Eve party following her DUI arrest last week.

The party girl confessed to cops she was high on marijuana and Vicodin (to treat menstrual cramping, of course) when she was spotted driving the wrong way on a California freeway and taken into custody.

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This widely-circulated and somewhat sexy Nicole Richie mug shot followed.

The scandal is not Nicole’s first run-in with the law, and comes after a year full of allegations of eating disorders and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. As a result, she felt it best to cancel her planned appearance at Tangerine night club in Sin City.

She’ll be replaced, of course, by Dave Navarro.

Steve Davidovici, of Pure Management Group, which runs the club, says:

“We love Nicole Richie and we wish her the best. We hope to bring her back in the future.”

We love Nicole and wish her the best as well. Our advice to her? Stay the hell away from Paris Hilton and make regular trips to the grocery store. A basic list like that will go a long way.