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According to TMZ, Nicole Richie passed out at the ever-popular Hyde nightclub early Sunday morning.

We’re told it occurred just before 2 a.m., when Richie passed out and fell to the floor. We’re guessing she hadn’t eaten any food in some time. As in, September.

In any case, the “actress” reportedly took a spill, after which an employee approached Richie and her friends and said he was calling 911.

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Sources say they told the employee not to make the call and that they would take Richie to a hospital. The friends then carried Samuel Plouchart‘s malnourished girlfriend out of the club through the back door.

It was not reported if Richie went to the hospital.

Before her spectacular collapse, Richie reportedly hung out for awhile with Lindsay Lohan inside da club.

Lohan had her own bizarre tale early Sunday morning on a street in Hollywood, which may or may not have involved Rumer Willis, but almost definitely involved boozing and sex. Pretty safe bet, no?

Late last week, Richie’s reps confirmed that the Simple Life star entered a rehab clinic to determine why she hasn’t gained weight. Richie has looked shockingly thin for, like, ever.

That said, one can only wonder why she is partying at Hyde. First of all, what is so great about Hyde that everyone has to go there at all times? Oh, and there’s the fact that Nicole was, you know, in f*&king rehab. The girl probably gets wasted if she smells alcohol. Real smart move. She makes K-Fed look brilliant.

Richie’s rep confirmed that her client was at Hyde for approximately 20 minutes, but denies that she collapsed. Sure thing, sweetheart.