Heather Mills: It's Not Easy Being a One-Legged, Gold-Digging Former Call Girl

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Any time Lindsay Lohan is feeling down about her difficult life of partying and making lots of money in movies, she just has to look across the Atlantic to find an example of someone truly deserving of pity.

Heather Mills' Bad Hair

After all, Heather Mills was actually asked to sit in a wheelchair, instead of a buggy, this weekend. Allow us to explain:

According to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, Heather was overheard telling staff: "Have you got it in for me? This is vile! Why are you doing this to me? Don't you know I have only one leg? Why are you treating me like this?"

The 38-year-old, who was flying to Brussels last week, had expected to be taken to her departure gate in an electric buggy. But when a wheelchair was offered, a source said:

"Heather's face fell. She was mortified. She asked for an electric buggy but there was not one available.

"Eventually she decided to walk to the plane. Heather was clearly worried about how she would look being pushed in a wheelchair."

Certainly not like Cate Blanchett, we can admit that much.

British Airways has confirmed the incident with the estranged wife of Paul McCartney did take place.

Heather's spokesman said she had been offered a wheelchair, which she declined, but denies there was a dispute. This sounds more contentious than the Eddie Murphy/Melanie Brown baby dispute.

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