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Troubled rocker Pete Doherty was busted for drugs for what is likely the 2,925th time over the weekend, this time for possession of crack cocaine.

Cops spotted Kate Moss‘ fiance driving erratically near his home in East London, pulled over the Jaguar and arrested Doherty and two buddies.

They’ve all been released on bail, but will have to report back in December — conveniently enough, when Doherty is already due for sentencing on five drug charges he pleaded guilty to back in August.

Running down the list of Doherty’s drug offenses is like compiling a list of the twists and turns in the ever-evolving PeteMoss romance.

What we’re getting at is there are simply too many coke-snorting and dry-humping news items to possibly cover in space we’re allotted here.

So just take our word for it when we say he is a crazy motherf*%ker and she’s an anorexic waif who likes to go at it with him in public. That’s right, you don’t have to buy magazines to catch a glimpse of Kate Moss nude.