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Let’s see ….

Ashlee Simpson is the face body of Victoria’s Secret. Of course, it’s a body you can scarcely see.

On the flip side, Kate Moss is the lead model for the designer lingerie line Agent Provocateur. And in a few new, short films, you see A LOT of her body.

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We think the latter wins.

Whether she’s coked up or defending semi-fiance, Pete Doherty, Moss still draws an audience. That’s not likely to change after four shorts, entitled “Dreams of Miss X,” hit the airways in the near future.

The supermodel speaks and even appears nude in one of the erotic films. Response has been so overwhelming that the first of the films, “Dream 1: Shadows,” caused the company’s site to crash after thousands logged on to check out the waif beauty in all her lacy splendor.

Safe to say, this is more attractive than a nude Heather Mills.

“Dream 2” will be available starting November 1 on the Agent Provocateur website. In the meantime, maybe it’s not too late for Moss to get in on the fervor over who is, indeed, “The Body.” Look out, Elle Macpherson!